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Miami supereconômico: Aventura de aerobarco por Everglades e excursão pela cidade de Miami

  • Maurits van Veen

    4 estrelas

    Enjoyable tour with fun excursion to the Everglades. During the city part it was fun to see the different areas of the city but would have liked to spent ore time with the street art. Enjoyed our time in Little Havana

  • Grace W

    4 estrelas

    we had a good time on this tour and were given lots of information about the local area. pick up time not accurate, hotel had to advise us to just wait that they often run late.


    4 estrelas

    wonderful tour,well worth the money!

  • Aejal S

    4 estrelas

    Awesome experience on the airboat!

  • Luis B

    4 estrelas

    Everglades were not much of a great deal - hardly saw any crocs....felt rushed

  • Andrea L

    4 estrelas

    This tour was amazing!

  • Sandro L

    4 estrelas

    My wife and I had to go on a long ride to get to this place. When we got there, they told us that it will be really hot and there will be loads of mosquitos and would suggest we get water for the ride and mosquitos repellent. Pretty pricy bottle of repellent. Anyway, having told several times that it's the only place where alligators and crocodiles come together, we were expecting to see a few of those in the water. But through the entire trip, in the noisy airboat, we didn't see any alligators or crocodiles. Only 1 small one pop out of the water closer to the entrance when we return back to the drop off. We were then promised a show but it was just merely feeding the 2 or 3 sleeping Gators with 2 pieces of meat. Towards the end of the 3 mins show, one of the guy came out with a baby gator and said we can take a picture with it at 3 dollars a person. Shouldn't it be part of the entry fee we paid already? Anyway, we didn't think it's worth the time. Just our thoughts

  • Carol L

    4 estrelas

    Both parts of the tour were really good, however, they were run through different companies so there was a mix up with timings which meant I was waiting around for ages for the second part of my tour.

  • Linda L

    4 estrelas

    The boat ride through the Everglades was amazing, saw quite a few alligators and
    birds and learned about the ecosystem. I did not enjoy the show afterwards so did
    not stay.
    Miami City Tour was also good, nice to see different neighbourhoods and learn a bit
    about the history. All in all a very good day.

  • Damian P

    4 estrelas

    This was a bit of a disaster, we were picked up late from our hotel, approximately 30 minutes, although there was only four other people on the tour who were already on board? We were then informed that we would be on the City tour first despite the itinerary stating the Everglades was in the morning.
    The tour itself was good and the driver Jimmy was informative, enthusiastic and a nice guy.
    After the city tour had ended, we were then transported to the harbour area whereupon the other four individuals undertook a river trip and we were informed by Jimmy that another bus would be taking us to the Everglades, we waited for an hour, it was 15.30hrs when we finally left, arriving at the Everglades after 16.30hrs! The trip on the Everglades was good and the ranger was brilliant and very informative . We were due to see the alligators in the park but by this time approximately 17.30hrs, it was closing, the sun had gone down and the gators were all sleeping and due to time both the restaurant and gift shop had also closed!
    The driver then had the nerve to ask for tips but due to us returning to our hotel he didn't seem to know where it was and drove past it at approximately 19.30hrs almost three hours late as the itinerary informed the trip finished at 16.30hrs, the aforementioned gratuities were understandably not forthcoming.
    Not a great day!
    Two stars for Jimmy.