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Moulin Rouge Show Paris

  • Jasmine P

    4 estrelas

    The show is great! The seating can be a little cramped, but you soon forget it as the cast puts on a great performance. Definitely worth experiencing at least once.

  • Eric J

    4 estrelas

    What a performance ! Everything about this was excellent.

  • Aman D

    4 estrelas

    very good .. awesome show. best ever experience.

  • Ali G

    4 estrelas

    Didn't love it, the show was too long in a very crowed, over packed room you could hardly breath in. The ladies and gentlemen in the show were lovely, as were the costumes, but the atmosphere took away from enjoying the show when you are literally crammed at a table for six that they put eight people at, none of whom knew each other. Rather awkward being in such close actually touching proximity to one another.

  • Nigel R

    4 estrelas

    What a show and great value for money. The seating can be a tight squeeze depending where you are seated but once the show begins you quickly forget.

  • Shannon S

    4 estrelas

    Awesome ! Loved the show !

  • Rolfe F

    4 estrelas

    The Moulin Rouge is exactly what it should be. It's loud, sparkly, touristy, silly, fun, energetic, and over the top. It's definitely an entertaining show and something that feels very Paris-y. It is something that you need to do once in your life time. We did it and it was worth it.

  • Keira O

    4 estrelas

    Fantastic experience. I was on my own which by buying the drink package was perfect as it was arranged in advance and i could just sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Ric M

    4 estrelas

    Exceptional show but be prepared to be packed in and pay through the nose for drinks after the initial freebies. table service is very slow due to the congested table layout and access. God forbid and emergency here as I would have no idea how you could get people out safely and quickly. Nevertheless it is an experience and an exceptional night.

  • cmuczko1

    4 estrelas

    The show was very entertaining but the seating is very crowded and cramped. They have too many tables in the space and too many chairs at each table and it is like sitting on an airplane. Get there early to get a decent sit but just be prepared for the very tight seating.